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Nov. 19th -23rd 2023, ITMA ASIA + CITME 2023 Hall 7, Booth B05

We will take part in ITMA ASIA +CITME 2023 in order to enhance our cooperation closely with local and international synthetic fiber spinning plants for our products, such as candle filter for PET/PA/PP Polymer, POY FDY spinning; spin pack filter, stainless steel metal sand for POY filament spinning used on Barmag TMT, Beijing Chonglee, Jwell synthetic fiber spinning line. Also we show our continuous filtration system, which is designed to operate continuously, removing impurities and maintaining consistent polymer quality. Depending on the specific requirements of the polymer processing application, various filtration technologies can be utilized to achieve the desired level of cleanliness and quality in the final polymer product.


Post time: Jan-05-2024