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How is the Futai Leaf Disc filter used in the plastic film industry?

>>>CHINAPLAS 2024 " explores the packaging industry with you.

The world-famous annual rubber and plastics event – CHINAPLAS24, the 36th International Rubber &Plastics Exhibition is currently underway as scheduled at the China National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai).

In this exhibition, we will explore together a variety of green, low-carbon and environmentally friendly packaging solutions that are degradable, recyclable, and easily recyclable in the packaging industry, as well as single-material, food-grade, highly transparent, and high-barrier multiple packaging solutions. Functional films and digital production solutions comprehensively promote the high-quality development and upgrading of the packaging industry.

In the process of film production, effective filtration is extremely important. All waste particles, such as gels and physical materials, must be removed. The lack of quality filtration in continuous polyester film manufacturing processes can have a variety of negative consequences, such as frequent filter replacements, reduced productivity, and reduced product quality.

FUTAI produces film filter discs, which are mainly used for polymer filtration in BOPA, BOPET, and BOPP production lines to remove polymer gels, coagulants, catalysts, and other solid impurities. Futai disc filter elements are widely used in film, polyester polymer, synthetic fiber spinning, packaging materials, engineering plastics and other industries.



Post time: Apr-26-2024