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About Us


Company Profile

FUTAI FILTERS DEPARTMENT-FUTAI MACHINERY CO., LTD. established in the year of 2007, is one of the well-known manufacturers of filtration products with many years of manufacturing experience around the world. The company is located in Shanghai, with its sales department in Xuhui office and factories in Songjiang Shanghai, Jinshan Shanghai and Anping Hebei.

Our Products

The company mainly manufactures various metal wire cloth with different material such as stainless steel 304/316/316L, bronze, nickel, etc., sintered metallic wire mesh, sintered fiber, metal powder, metal sand. Our state of the art equipment and know-how enable us to produce various filter elements made from these materials, such as spin pack filters, no-pack filters, gaskets, etched screens, candle filters, and leaf discs. These products are widely used in the industry of oil& gas, petrochemical, chemical fiber, polymer, food and beverage, water treatment, textile, pharmaceutical, electric power, metallurgical, steel, Engineering machinery, ship and automotive industries. Also according to the requirements from the end-users, we can supply the complete set of qualified filtration system based on our technical knowledge in the filtering industry under the support of our technicians from our designing department. Meanwhile, in order to save the production cost for our clients, we can provide the cleaning equipment with suitable cleaning process, so that these filtering equipment and elements can be recycled in many times under the conditions of maintaining the products quality standard.


Production Technology

The factory adopts advanced production techniques to ensure the quality and performance of the filtration products. Our process flow has been carefully designed and optimized, starting from the selection and preparation of raw materials, to production, assembly and packaging, each link has been strictly controlled and inspected to ensure product consistency and reliability. We have advanced and complete production equipment, which provides strong support for efficient production. These equipment include punching machines, machining equipment, various welding machines, folding machines, rolling equipment, shaping equipment, cleaning and polishing equipment, precision measuring instruments, etc. We also have thousands of sets of molds and fixtures, which can save costs and shorten processing cycles for our customers.

Quality Control

We always regard quality as the lifeline, and have established a strict quality management system, including quality control points, quality inspection processes, and quality record files. Our quality inspection team conducts a comprehensive inspection and test on each production link by using high-precision instruments and advanced testing methods to ensure that the quality of the products meets the standards and customer needs.We have an experienced and technically skilled team. Our employees undergo professional training to become familiar with production processes and operational requirements. They possess strong technical competence and quality awareness .They collaborate closely, cooperate with each other, and ensure the smooth progress of the production process. We also encourage employees to continuously learn and innovate to contribute to the company’s development and product improvement.


Company Value

What We Do

We are dedicated to providing high-quality filtration products and services to our clients. We can provide professional filtration solutions and equipment that meet our clients’ needs.

Our Team

Our team consists of professional technical personnel and modern manufacturing facilities, capable of responding quickly to client demands and providing personalized services.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our clients with high-quality products and services and to become the most trusted, innovative, and leading enterprise in the field of filtration products, creating value for our clients.

Our Principles

We adhere to the principles of quality as the foundation and clients as the center, and always strive for technological innovation and improvement of research and manufacturing capabilities and provide high standard, high precision, quality stability, environmental and safety filtration production to meet & exceed our clients’ needs.