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Metal Wire Mesh in Type of Plain Weave

Plain weave is a common type of weave used in metal wire mesh, which the wires are woven over and under each other in a simple crisscross pattern.Characteristics of plain weave metal wire mesh include: strong and durable; uniform aperture size; high flow and visibility; easy to cut and shape.

Common applications of plain weave metal wire mesh include: filtration; screening; insect screens; reinforcement.

When selecting plain weave metal wire mesh, factors like wire gauge, mesh size (aperture size), material type (such as stainless steel, aluminum, or brass), and specific application requirements should be considered to ensure the mesh meets the desired strength, durability, and functionality.

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Square Mesh

The metal wire woven square mesh is produced in accordance with aviation standard HB1862-92, national standard GB5330-85, and equivalent international standard ISO9048-90.

The square hole mesh is made of various metal wires that are woven up and down. The mesh is interwoven with warp wires and weft wires, which determines the filtration accuracy of the wire mesh. The warp wire diameter and weft wire diameter of the square hole mesh are equal, and the warp mesh and weft mesh sizes are equal.

The opening ratio of the square hole mesh refers to the percentage of the total mesh area of ​​the metal mesh to the area of ​​the metal mesh. The size of the opening ratio directly affects the screening efficiency of the screen. A screen with a large opening ratio has a higher screening rate. When a square hole mesh is used as a filter, it can block the smallest diameter size of most solid particles, which is called the filtration degree of the square hole mesh. The filtration degree of a square hole mesh is its mesh size.


The characteristics of square hole mesh: tight interweaving, precise mesh; uniform structure, uniform thickness, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.

The weaving structure types include plain weave and twill weave. (See attached images)


Plain Weave


Twill Weave

In plain weave, every other warp and weft wire is interlaced up and down. accordingly the warp and weft wires are interwoven one up and down.

In twill weave, every second warp and weft wire is interlaced up and down. accordingly the warp and weft wires are interlaced one up and two down.

The metal wires used for industrial mesh are drawn according to the GB8605-88 standard.

Wire Mesh Materials

Wire mesh materials include SUS304, SUS316, nickel mesh, copper mesh, aluminum mesh, iron mesh, Monel mesh, galvanized mesh, silver mesh, etc. (See attached images)



It has strong acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, tensile strength, and wear resistance.

Application Fields

Petroleum, chemical industry, Chemical fiber & Film,ocean vessel,new energy, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, and other industries.

Application Products

Spin pack filter,candle filter,filter screen, filter disc, etc.

Technical Parameters Of Metal Wire Square Mesh

Mesh WD Open Area Hole Width Weave Material
6 0.6 73% 3.63 Plain SUS304
10 0.8 46.90% 1.74  Plain SUS304
12 0.5 58% 1.62 Plain SUS304
14 0.5 52% 1.314 Plain SUS304
16 0.4 56% 1.187 Plain SUS304
18 0.4 51% 1.011 Plain SUS304
20 0.4 47% 0.87 Plain SUS304
24 0.3 51% 0.758 Plain SUS304
30 0.27 46% 0.576 Plain SUS304
40 0.2 47% 0.435 Plain SUS304
50 0.18 41.60% 0.328 Plain SUS304
60 0.17 35.80% 0.253 Plain SUS304
80 0.12 38.70% 0.198 Plain SUS304
100 0.1 36.70% 0.154 Plain SUS304
120 0.08 39% 0.132 Plain SUS304
150 0.06 41.50% 0.109 Plain SUS304
160 0.063 36.20% 0.096 Plain SUS304
180 0.051 40.80% 0.09 Plain SUS304
200 0.05 36.70% 0.077 Plain SUS304
250 0.04 36.70% 0.062 Twill SUS304
300 0.038 30.30% 0.046 Twill SUS304
325 0.035 30.50% 0.043 Twill SUS304
400 0.029 29.50% 0.0345 Twill SUS316
450 0.0275 26.60% 0.0289 Twill SUS316
500 0.025 25.70% 0.0258 Twill SUS316

The above are the standard specifications of the factory, for Other materials and size specifications, please consult for customization.